in the spirit of spring

This time last year I woke on a  quiet Saturday morning and had that urge to go to a new place and just explore.

Somewhere not too far away, but a place to enjoy the morning light, a good cup of coffee, and some sights of spring. {warning: this is a bit of a photo-heavy post!}

Cake: a cute cafe recommendation from my lovely friend 


It was exactly what I pictured in my head. And betcha you didn't know that you could find beautiful sights like these in Philly. ;) I'm not sure if it is the sound of my feet on the cobblestone street, or the punches of color in the flower boxes, or the quaint rain and fog that stirred my imagination (I felt like I was in

Sense and Sensibility

)...but it was quite a perfect day. Can't wait to go back for another day like this.

ciao! xooo!