dream living inspo

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truth: I live at home still. It has its perks.

But lately I am really dreaming

of how I would decorate my own place.

So many DIYs flurrying about in my mind...

color schemes and Pottery Barn catalogs...

anyway: the above images are seriously inspiring to me.

my dream apartment/house/villa (ha!) would have the following:

fresh cut flowers, light bright rooms, chic coffee table styling, 

candles galore, gold silverware, big white bed, a portico!, 

a huuuuge bedroom mirror, a girlie workspace, 

a huge bathtub, a turquoise front door, cedar siding,

a little painting nook, fuzzy blankets, eclectic doorknobs, 

natural light, tea trays, a pretty closet space (with matching hangers!),

aaaaaand!  an outdoor shower.

what am I missing?

ciao!  xo