Salty Air in the Outer Banks

A little "anthology" of my favorite Outer Banks photos. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are tough and worn. They are always not quaint or cute but they are wise. They have been battered by so many hurricanes, by horrifying winds and rip tides. If dunes could talk...

These photos were taken...let's see...about three months before Hurricane Sandy completely ravaged the delicate strands of sand that make up the OBX.  I love and cherish these photos. There isn't much to the Outer Banks, but spending time so close to the shores of the grey Atlantic makes me feel very at peace, very minimalist and not-so materialistic. I transform into a Sanuk-wearing, sundress-sporting, beachy hippie gal who wants to go for 6am coffee runs and evening kayak tours.

This post does not do it justice, especially since it is written far from the actual moments of when we were in the OBX breathing in the salty, moist air. But until next time...ciao!