Coffee Diaires | Gilli

My coffee diaries post from Gilli, I thought at first, was kind of a joke. Now this may be because it is my first international coffee diary entry, but I did feel a little intimidated after walking into the cafe, established in good old 1733.  The barista was definitely salaried. It was definitely going to be expensive. I was definitely not going to fit in.

And I didn't. But it's  okay. Looking back, Gilli was an experience I had to have. And compared to other lattes, it wasn't that good. All a part of the adventure, I suppose. Now, italian cappuccinos are different. I treat them differently. These Italian cups of heaven are made perfect when those two packets of brown (or white, ugh) sugar plop down to the bottom. Little stir, then sip. Standing up. I definitely didn't stand there and savor this - I am pretty sure I remember wanting to get out of there as soon as I could because I stuck out like a sore thumb after snapping these pictures (side note: that is a fear I'd have to overcome if I ever wanted to be a National Geographic photographer, huh?).

Should you go to Gilli? Yes. Should you feel as conspicuous as I did? No. Next time I go back I will stand my ground and sip that cappuccino with vigor.


Via Roma 1/R

Firenze, 50123