What an amazing past couple weeks (if you're into the golden hues of fall like I am)! It's been


although now that we're in November and it's freezing, it seems like the past couple of weekends were too good to be true. The tastes and smells and sights of October were so appealing to all of my senses.

Honestly - last week was a doozy. It was horribly stressful, and the work bled into the weekend. Trips to Whole Foods + fuzzy slippers + instagram distractions + milk duds leftover from Halloween + November bucket list dreaming became the perfect blend of distraction. But now this pile of papers glaring at me needs to be attended to...ugh.

Another random thought for you: last month I sort of neglected yoga. I got back into it and realized just how much I missed it! The studio itself is so enchanting and tranquil - just stepping in there calms me down.  Yoga is truly a blessing. I need to keep going. It's expensive but seriously such a source of nourishment; I've somehow not gone over the last month to any classes (except one!) and realized that can't go on any further! Some of my favorite classes are 'restorative,' which is more focused on gentle stretching and calming your body; I also love vinyasa flow which is more of a workout depending on the instructor. Gotta get back into it more routinely - I love it! Do you ever do yoga?

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ciao, xo!