*photo from 2013,

a trip to the french riviera town of nice. I can almost smell this!

This post was originally going to be titled 'april goals,' where I was going to talk about eating greener, practicing patience, living in the present, etc. But it's been a weird day and I feel like my goal for today, and for a while, should be to get better at breathing. 

And by breathing I mean a lot. Calmness and patience. Breathing is being patient, in times of screaming noise and still silence. I have been trying all year to get better at that. Sometimes my own impatience bothers me. I know it can be short. I talk fast, I multitask, I plan ahead a lot of the time. So, breathing for patience is one goal. To be able to breathe deeply and think calmly and walk and talk a little more gracefully is something I want to zero in on this week. Breathing will add that ease, making my mindset a little softer.

So, a lot is going on! March whizzed by and brought a ton of stress, so it is nice to mindfully breathe again a little deeper with appreciation as April dawns. The sunlight is starting to look different and hit at its higher angles every evening when the sun goes does. 

I hope you have a lovely week and b r e a t h e ! ciao! xo