Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitations & Summery Stationery from Basic Invite

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Do you ever play that dangerous mental game where you “edit” your wedding details? I’ve been married for a year and a half now, but I often think about it since I work with brides all the time. There are so many wedding trends that are always changing and I often fall into the “what would I change?” game. Would you change your dress, your hairstyle? Your favors? Me…if I could change one thing…honestly, it’d be my videographer (cringe!).

One of the wedding planning areas where I was hyper-focused was the stationery and invites, unsurprisingly. As for calligraphy, I loved my invites, but honestly I stressed over them. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and sometimes crippled by indecision. My wedding invites, which I designed on a popular wedding invitation website, felt like a chore because the process was filled with micro-details and frustrating “this or that” options. I was definitely on a budget, with limited time, and an vision for a timeless and classic design. You may imagine that I designed something custom myself but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I was in it to save money, time, and headaches. That being said, I was incredibly picky - I wanted a balance of original design, customization and online. This is where I wish I knew about Basic Invite!

I recently collaborated with Basic Invite, and in exploring their designs I really started to crave the customization process again. I stocked up on some new stationery and business cards. While I was designing, I realized that things this time around felt much, much easier…I even re-designed a version of my own wedding invite! Kinda wish I could go back and re-do it! And if I had a summer wedding, I’d definitely go with something floral. When my stationery arrived, I was so reminiscent of my own wedding process.

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Timeless Design

My particularity and obsession for originality comes out when I am designing suites. I absolutely loved the sunflower bridal shower invitations featuring bold, bright sunflowers and classic lettering. I designed a set using their website to create a contrast of powder blue for a summery and breezy look. There are 900 sets available and they are easy to match with programs, place cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, and even belly bands (gasp!). The number of related sets makes it so easy to be consistent with beautiful wedding details. Also, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the airy set of clear wedding invitations. They took my breath away! The quality and paper weight is top notch.

Custom Colors & The Littlest Details

Hands down, their collection of stationery suites is impressive. The designs are original and yet, trendy. The customizing options are tasteful and diverse. Envelopes alone come in 40 colors. The color customization is sharp; even down to the watercolor strokes. What impressed me about the customization feature was the precise application of color. I love how I was able to change fonts, move text and easily isolate text boxes on their website. All changes were instant and I thought that the items I ordered were genuinely representative of how it appeared online. There are 180+ color options and they are all tasteful. My sunflower invitations were created using the color “luxury” and I am so pleased with how they turned out. The smallest details are customizable, down to the flowers. Sold! I am one to get very frustrated when things like this don’t work…let me just say this process was smooooth. Not to mention, my stationery cards look like they are from a custom print shop.

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Simple Proofing

Before you buy, the review process is clarified and efficient. When I was ready to purchase my stationery, the proofing was so simplified and easy to review. It’s usually so overwhelming to precision-check your designs, piece-by-piece. I can fully stand behind Basic Invite’s interface; it is visually oriented and clutter-free. Whoever designed it must have been devoted to making the review process as simple yet thorough as possible. For example, when I was checking my spelling, I did not have to even leave my cart to proceed. We all know how much custom costs…I was really pleased to see how efficient and visually organized the proofing process was. I also think it’s awesome how they offer a flawless check for only $20. So worth it, if you want an extra set of professional eyes on your design!

It’s Affordable

Did I mention that when I was wedding planning, I was on a BUDGET?! I think the most refreshing part about Basic Invite is that they are actually affordable, and their designs are actually beautiful. The quality is there, you can see it when the paper is in your hands. On top of that, there are free services that Basic Invite offers, such as wedding information websites for guests to seamlessly access. They also have free envelope addressing services, or you can do it yourself with their awesome etiquette guide.

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I get very excited when I find a service I can not only use, but share with others and recommend with the utmost confidence. I love how Basic Invite is different from the pack, with affordable options and trendy designs that are also original. I can’t wait to give out my new clear business cards, in the meantime :)

Thank you to Basic Invite for collaborating with me on this post!

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