Decoration Notes

I have had this post saved in my drafts f o r e v e r ! What I envisioned for this post was to share my taste in decoration, and to show off some of our current accents around our home. But I am realizing that making a home doesn’t just happen. It takes years and time - acquiring pieces, creating stories around them, and finding the pieces that tell a story. Sometimes these pieces are heirlooms, or they are investments. So this wasn’t the kind of post I could rush.

Decorating a home takes a lifetime.

If I had to describe my style, I’d say that I definitely like the modern trends going on, but I am much more traditional than I might be willing to admit. But I do love homes that are bohemian and eclectic, farmhouse and rustic, or modern and industrial. So maybe I don’t even know what my style is. I like neutrals A LOT. I like clean lines. I like plants. I also am super picky and indecisive/unwilling to commit until I know if it is going to be something I absolutely adore.

Another thing to realize is that when you’re on a tight budget, and a new homeowner, the house is going to be empty. To completely furnish it right away makes no sense, to me, personally. We are fixing up our house, repairing after a flood, and still figuring out what makes sense to us - so to invest in pieces for every room would be beyond silly. Plus, I think decorating slowly allows you to live with your pieces, live with its practicality, and determine what works.

As a new homeowner (under 1 year at this point), I wanted to share my first edition of what I am going to call “Decorating Notes.” I know my style will continue to change, but this is a fun way to document what I like right now, and what I am choosing to surround myself with.

  1. Greens: Fresh-Cut & Faux

    Remember when I said “tight budget?” Yes, I am very much on that. I used to love the occassional little splurge on tulips, peonies, fresh cut anything. Hydrangeas too. But I am finding that I also love the same effect that fresh cut eucalyptus gives to a tabletop or kitchen island. Honestly, I figured this out on Valentine’s Day. I was trimming a bouquet of roses from S (he had them delivered to school again, bless him!) and made a decision to cut them short for a tight Landeau-inspired look. I went to discard the greens, and then thought - whoa - they look good simply by themselves in a vase of water. Ta-da! And this fresh sprig of seeded eucalyptus was $4.99 at the grocery store.


2. Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Okay - light fixtures may just be THE hardest investment to shop for! After countless searches online, I felt overwhelmed and a bit hopeless when it came to finding a new chandelier and pendant light. S and I went to an old school lighting store and found that we gravitated to this more modern, industrial look with wrought iron vibes and Edison bulbs. And I love how the contrast the rest of our home! The straight lines add a sense of seriousness and order, but the Edison bulb is kinda whimsical and old-fashioned. I think it works.


3. Natural Fibers

I love finding natural-looking alternatives for both decor and storage. I like going for faux seagrass bins and willowy, linen-y fabrics for dressing tables. Even my taste in throw pillows right now has been leaning more toward woven, knit-like textures.


And that is it for the first set of decoration notes! Cannot wait to add more as we develop our decor in our lovely home.

ciao! xo