Peace in The Midst of Chaos


I’m writing this blog post with an anterior perspective of vacation, from the beginning…which is a bit unconventional from my previous LBI posts. This is intentional…almost as an exercise…to calm down and ease into our week. I fully acknowledge, that right now, at the start of vacation, I am stressed! But why!? What did I forget to pack? What will we do for dinners? What is on our “must-do” list? Will my family drive each other nuts? And this is awful, but a part of me feels like I can’t get to summer until I get through this week. I spent the drive down specifically meditating on how I don’t want to feel that way this year, or even right now. I want to allow myself to enjoy the messiness of vacation, fully acknowledging that there are completely non-relaxing elements to it. But to enjoy it with peace and gratitude. I want to be at peace, even in the midst of chaos.

The first moments of this vacation were blissful, yet peacefully chaotic! We got to enjoy a delightful summer storm that passed through, with our vantage point at the tip of the inlet. How lucky am I? One of the joys of summer, if not LIFE, is a front-row seat to a tempestuous summer thunderstorm. The dark blue skies juxtaposed with the pinky-beige sand was so picturesque. Even now I am looking out the window at the swirling, watercolor-like cloud formations. Punctuated with thunder and the occasional lightning bolts, I wonder who is out to sea running out the storm. It is a spectacle, not only forcing me to slow down and watch, but willing me to listen and be still. To observe. Perched on the most comfortable denim couches, with a candle lit and fresh-cut hydrangeas perfuming the room, it might not get better than this. Suddenly this chaos feels dreamy.


Why is it sometimes so hard to ease into vacations? It might just be me thinking too much (probably). But this entire practice, the act of taking photos, witnessing and reflecting on this beautiful storm, and most importantly…being grateful….might have been a perfect way to transition to what I know will be a fun and memorable week with my people. Mindfulness, right?!

ciao, xo