LBI 2018: Height of Summer


LBI 2018 was one for the books! The week was dominated by oppressive July humidity, but it truly was a delightful vacation anyway. In a way, the weather outside forced us to take it slow and really relax. I didn't let it stop me from spending time in the sunshine - it just took lots of water breaks! S and I broke the mold from our usual traditions and hit up some new dinner spots. But we stuck to the classics, too, like our annual mini golf tour (I won best dressed on the course!). Every morning, my mom and sisters and I made our daily pilgrimage for coffee - one of my favorite parts of vacation, hands down.  I enjoyed checking my BoatWatch app to track the ships at sea and identify them by name. I got a beautifully made cypress + sea salt candle from my favorite boutique. We all indulged in lots of ice cream. S and I took a lovely passiegiata along the jetty where we got engaged just about 2 years ago (we celebrated our proposal-versary!). We made margaritas, shrimp on the grill, and splurged on some fantastic tequila shots at the bar down the street. Most importantly, we got to spend a lot of family time together - the best time!