Home Decor Wish List

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As you may know, we're searching for our 1st home together and right now I have all things "home decor" on the brain! I am really lusting after some of these items, but I wanted to share a couple that I actually already have and love. The thing is, when you're starting out, you want to pick classic items that have a nice balance of timelessness and modernity. 

have & love: 

  • The Earth Fired Clay Herb Pots from Terrain are one of my favorite additions to my houseplant shelf! I love how unrefined they look, especially when you have 2-3 pots collected together. I three different sizes and love the layered look.
  • I'll be honest, I think my Peony Candle from Linnea's Lights might be too pretty to burn! It makes a great decor piece on a bookshelf or coffee table. My only criticism of this is that it is double-wick, which means it burns quicker.
  • I fell in love with the Savannah Collection dinnerware from Crate and Barrel. This elegant yet whimsical set of dishes perfectly replaces the typical china set that usually goes on a wedding registry. I can't wait to use this for future dinner parties and holidays with family.

wish list:

  • The Box Frame Storage Coffee Table is #1 on my wish list! The light mango wood is one of my favorite looks, and the storage compartments are SO ideal because you could store your remote, xbox controllers, coasters, general knick knacks. I am waiting for a sale to splurge on this one!
  • Part of me thinks it is kinda nuts to spend $128.00 on a pillow, but if I were to ever re-do my bedding, this would be one of the first purchases. Whenever I walk into Anthropologie, I admire their bedding section and this Marisol pillow is the perfect bright punch of color to a neutral bedspread. This is probably a "someday" item, but I love it!
  • Another someday item: this adorable Vertical Planter Address Plaque! I need a house, of course :) I do think that the exterior of a home needs to look a certain way to rock this statement piece.
  • Parisian Bistro Chairs are the epitome of cafe-cool. 
  • When I was in Toronto, we stopped at a West Elm and ogled all of the little decor items. I've never really spent time actively trying out chairs, but this one happened to be one that I sat in and it was so luxuriously comfortable! This is the Finn Chair, shown here in a pretty and calming "heathered eucalyptus" color that would go great with any neutral couch. It is sumptuous! I mean, I could really curl up and lean back in this chair.

So that just about covers it for now! Go follow my Pinterest Board "Home Life" for more inspo!