How to Look Taller: High Waisted Jeans

white tee-7.jpg

High waisted jeans...this is officially the trend I hope never goes out of style! I am going to ride this wave for as long as I can. For this shortie, they seem to play tricks on the eye (maybe it's just me!). I feel soooo much taller, even in these flats! S and I went out for a dinner date this past weekend - the last real weekend of summer for me - and it was beautiful out. Not exactly chilly, but definitely not hot. It was the perfect opportunity to wear these new jeans from Madewell! Honestly, I could wear them everyday. They are so worth the hype - and I already have my eye on this chewed-hem denim pair (love those!) When I tried these on, my mom's instant reaction was the classic "oh my god, I can't believe these are back in style." Can't wait to wear these on casual fridays and weekends this fall. I decided to pair these new favorite jeans with a simple white knot tee, some gold jewelry, and this new jacquard diamond scarf.

S snapped these pics before we went out to dinner and walked a bit in our new town. We tried a mesquite-BBQ place (a bit out of our comfort zone) which had al-fresco seating above the streets. We dined on chicken tacos and beer-battered shrimp in the dappled sunlight and evening breeze - late summer perfection!  It was a fun night, and especially with all of the wedding details coming together, a nice moment to escape the countdown for a bit. I can't believe summer is ending, let alone the idea that I am going to be married in less than TWO months!

white tee-23.jpg
white tee-2.jpg
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ciao! xo