Coffee Diaries | La Colombe


In the numerous times I've visited La Colombe, I've tried lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, and mochas. My hands-down favorite is the mocha! :) I like La Colombe because you can order your drink and feel, even if you're in a rush, like it is a little treat that slows your moment down. It is the perfect Saturday morning stop.

La Colombe Torrefaction has locations in major cities across the United States, but they really seem to be expanding in Philadelphia. My favorite cafe is in Bryn Mawr, which is fairly new. It's a gorgeous atmosphere, with airy and bright light streaming in the giant windows. There are huge orb-like bulbs that hang from the ceiling, and every corner is either occupied by a light-loving indoor plant or high top table. The marble countertop where they serve your coffee is the stuff of dreams.

La Colombe's coffee is high quality. If you're visiting, try their workshop blends (they are a little pricier, but if you're into specialty coffees it's certainly a little treat). The downside is, coffee for two will probably cost you somewhere between $7-$9. Not an everyday habit to get into! But the good thing is, the baristas really make each experience shine. It's the mixture of ambience and taste that makes La Colombe a winner!