Wedding Hair: Planning Your Trial

I am so excited about this wedding post, especially because I have had it queued up forever now! I knew this post would be an informative one for brides, but I didn't want to share photos my bridal hairstyle until after our big day. So here we are! My hair, as my friends know, is my security blanket, and one of my own favorite attributes. So, choosing my wedding day hairstyle was next to impossible...but I did it and loved it from the moment my stylist whipped it up. Choosing the actual hairstyle deserves a whole other post, and I could write forever about it! So instead, during this post, I'll be sharing a few tips about how to go about the planning of your bridal hairstyle, with particular emphasis on the bridal hair trial.  None of these tips required much effort, and it's great to know if you're approaching your hair and makeup trial for your wedding soon :)

The Wedding Hair Trial


If you're able, have every piece you can think of that you'll be using on the day of your wedding! This will help you to visualize how you will look on the day, and if your hairstyle works with any accessories you're planning to use. One integral piece to my planning was the purchase of hair extensions, which I wore in these pictures, and obviously for the wedding :) It MADE the hairstyle!

If you are not having your make up done by your stylist(s) on the day of your trial, give yourself a little time to do your own makeup yourself. This will help to make the whole look feel more real and glamorous.

The location of where you have your trial is also super important. I was lucky enough to have my stylist come to my home! I highly recommend this, if you're able, because it made the whole day easier and kept me relaxed. I was able to set up a tall stool, mirror, extension cords, and drinking water in the sunniest room in the house for the most natural, bright light.  A fun playlist doesn't hurt, either!

Another key factor to consider is what you'll wear to your trial. It's important to be comfortable, but also in clothing that are easy to get in (and out) of without upsetting your hair! On the day of the wedding, I wore a button up shirt (this one, actually) so that it would be easy to slip out of it and into my robe.

Reality Check - your trial hair & wedding hair might not look 100% identical

Mine definitely didn't! It's great to ask your stylist to take reference photos for the day of; this way, your stylist can share their beautiful work on social media, plus you can use the photos the day of to remind yourself of the look you had previously worn. It's important to remember, though, that achieving a 100% identical hairstyle on your actual wedding day is next to impossible. My trial was more knotted and tied up, while the actual day of hairstyle was looser curls. Even though it doesn't seem it, there were a ton of bobby pins holding this style up.

Helpful Tips

In a nutshell, here are my most important takeaways:

  • Most important tip: be HONEST. If you do not like where the trial is going, do not hesitate to advocate for yourself. You can do this while staying polite and respectful, but don't be crippled by indecision if your heart really isn't in it. You need to feel 100% beautiful on your wedding day! This is exactly what a trial is...a trial. It is a test run.
  • Prep your accessories and wear comfortable clothing during the trial. Being able to move is important, and if you can simulate what you'll be wearing on the day of, that would be most beneficial. I love button down shirts for simple opening/closing.
  • Just do yourself a favor and wear makeup. You'll feel more put together, and more like a bride! 
  • Think about the location ask what your stylist needs - extension cord, water, how old to have hair (mine said 1 day old would be fine), and the lighting in the room.
  • There are questions you may want to ask your hair stylist. I'd recommend using the hair trial to really nail down the wedding details. It's really your last opportunity to ask your hairstylist before all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day!
  • Ask to keep the hairstyle in. You know, for pictures :)
  • Ask your hair stylist to take photos with her phone for reference. This might help her remember the hairstyle, or certain techniques. Also, she might want to share her work on social media!
  • Tipping is huge - do tip. 20%, or like a normal haircut, is fine. I didn't come up with this myself - my regular hairstylist/colorist who I've been going to (since I was 16!) recommended this.

Ciao! Happy hairstyling!

Thanks to the amazing Ashley @mobblonde for making me feel beautiful! 

Vendors: Hair Trial and Wedding Style Ashley Smith | Photography by Samantha Jay Photography | Florals by Carousel Flowers | Calligraphy by A. Taylor Studio | Venue The Holly Hedge Estate