Coffee Diaries | Saint's


Being back at Saint's was a treat last weekend - it's the perfect college coffee nook. I am reminiscent of it for a few reasons, one of which is because this is the very first place I ever had a latte that had a heart poured in it. It is a cafe near where S used to live back in college, and so many memories flushed through my head as we entered the shop. Its sumptuous, dark green walls give it an air of coziness, it invites you to sit and crack open a book (whether its a textbook, or a book you actually want to read, that depends)...

I enjoyed this creamy latte sitting in the window watching passersby, and thinking about what all of the students around me were studying. It was remarkably quiet, besides the scratchy coffee room jazz playing throughout the room. I love that the mugs have not changed since my last visit, but one thing I didn't notice before was the collection of cheerful plants on the windowsill. With light spilling in the windows, it was the perfect little corner. Of course, we didn't sit for long after our coffees, but we enjoyed the act of slowly sipping our coffees, not having a to-go cup, for once. We were tired after a full morning of skiing - and this was the perfect apres ski treat!

ciao! xo