Date Night

So...the past two weeks whizzed by and before I know it, I have two A. Taylor Studio weddings coming up and school is well underway! Needless to say, it has been an absolute whirlwind! This is the first time I've had time to sit and reflect since the end of August. I am happy to say that I have such a good feeling about this year...I am loving every minute of work, enjoying the company at home, having fun decorating a new apartment with S, and of course being engaged and getting ready to do some heavy duty wedding planning! The trick is to pause and laugh through it all and smile, because this is my crazy (and sweet) life...happening all at once, as it always does.

S, being the more patient one between the two of us, came up with the perfect remedy to act as a "pause" button for life: a dinner date in our new city! We haven't really explored our new town yet but S and I have frequently passed a really cute restaurant that our friends had raved about. It seemed like a perfect fit. Italian food works wonders on my soul!

The plates are smaller to create a more shareable experience, so S and I split an Italian cheese plate, a margherita pizza, and a cheesy gnocchi that was The food was very rich, and amazingly filling. The smaller sized dishes are definitely misleading - it was more than enough food! 

It was nice to walk to dinner, leisurely...not worry about driving home, parking, paying the was AWESOME! 

In the meantime, I am dreaming of another date night soon and hitting the "resume" button! Bring it on!!