Coffee Diaries | Malvern Buttery

This past Sunday afternoon was humid, rainy and lazy...all perfect criteria for a coffee date! In between grocery shopping and some other errands, S and I ventured to a new find in Malvern, a cute little enclave called the Malvern Buttery. I actually stumbled upon it through a friend's instagram, and I couldn't believe that a) I never heard of it before and b) it looked that cute. The reviews online were awesome, which made me very eager to head over there and see it for myself! 

The white, airy, industrial yet delicate interior creates a perfectly laid-back feel for this place. The entire ceiling is laced with beautiful white string lights, while the space is filled with beautiful natural light pouring through the giant windows. Even in the midst of a rainstorm, the ambience was bright, radiant and cheerful. There is nothing more inviting than big wooden farm tables, fresh cut zinnias on every surface, big chalkboard signs to welcome you, and a wall full of shelves for books, knick-knacks and all things coffee. The decor combines countryside and urban charm; it is a large and open space that is much more than a cafe. I found this article here from a local bakery/cafe reviewer, which seems to hit the nail on the head describing this place's unique appeal.

Besides the ambience that I will surely crave on a cool autumn day, I know what will absolutely bring me back - the food! Even though I didn't try it...which is a crime...their menu sounds absolutely fantastic. Not only is the coffee delicious and carefully poured, I am impressed with their unique options for a light breakfast or lunch. What interested me most was the toast bar - situated openly among the tables - with lots of soups, sandwiches, and freshly baked breads and pastries.  The open kitchen concept allows for the kitchen to be fully connected, yet generously spaced within the cafe. There is no hidden sink room, no closed kitchen closets, no chefs or baristas whipping up concoctions in a back room. Everything is out in the open! Somehow it still is quiet, exclusive, and quite a relaxing place. Enjoying a latte in this beautiful space is like my coffee diaries dream!

I'm foreseeing many more coffee dates here! Can't wait!

The Malvern Buttery
233 E. King Street
Malvern, PA 
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