Friday Morning

all images shot with iPhone.

Hello!! Just popping in to say hola and give a glimpse of this lazy Friday morning! These lazy days are numbered, but all is well with that since I think a little routine in my day never hurts. I am not as good as I thought when it comes to carving out my own time! So right now pretty much looks like this: a little straightening up, coffee, and perusing some wedding magazines. This monster issue of the Knot is best in the smallest of quantities...otherwise it gives me a headache!!

As I mentioned before, there are SO many changes going on. It's been a hectic month in terms of transitioning and adapting. As you can see, sprucing up the apartment is coming along. I am really digging the modern vibes in the bedroom, with crisp white sheets and sleek details like this silver and teak night table (homegoods!!). Everything is new and clean, cooking is fun, and I'm getting used to drinking coffee out of a Keurig. 

Okay, I should get moving and start my day! Hope you have an amazing weekend!