Summer Happiness

It amazes me that the last time I wrote was the end of July! So much has been going on, and the days are filled with lots of errands and planning! I have a lot of A. Taylor Studio work to do before the summer finishes, so I  have been extremely busy working on calligraphy crafts and projects for some September weddings coming up! All of it has put me in a very rustic state of mind - end of summer wedding planning, my own wedding planning, and lots of changes, including the beginning of a new school year soon...end of summer is ALWAYS crazy! A few updates since the beginning of August:

This summer has been filled with physical therapy sessions that have been extremely helpful and beneficial! 3 days a week, every week. Since the car accident I feel as though I've learned so much about deep stretches and the power of patience when it comes to gradual exercise. I am so excited, though, to work my way back up to more rigorous exercise! 

Speaking of exercise...I have my heart set on getting in shape for the wedding! I would love to start more routine-driven regimen, since in the summer I get a lot more laid back and loose about staying disciplined. I have areas I'd like to focus on, and right now I am in the stage where I am thinking about what kinds of workout plans to do...pilates, more yoga, running and weights are my immediate thoughts. Part of the reason why I fell off the wagon (especially with running) is the AWFUL humidity outside! It sucks the LIFE out of me! We are smack dab in the middle of an 8+ day heat wave, where every day feels as though its 104 unbelievably muggy and sticky on top of that, too. It is uncomfortable and downright unpleasant to be outdoors. Which stinks...because these past few days it feels as though we've lost a chunk of our summer. I can't remember the last time it was comfortable enough to dine al fresco or go for a morning walk! It is 90 degrees before the sun comes up, most days!

So we are making the most of our time (mostly indoors). Just tonight Mom and I had a delightful spa night, complete with lavender epsom salts and Cody hand and body lotion. Lots of candles, nail polish, red wine, and fun girlie things. Most of the joys come from our time in the morning, complete with planning for the day over copious amounts of freshly ground coffee. Just this morning we were going about our usual slow routine and spotted a brilliant blue butterfly fluttering about our doorstep. It spent the entire morning there with us! Isn't it beautiful?

I've been feeling, in a way, completely overwhelmed with a lot of big changes going on since the beginning of the summer. As always, it is rapidly sweeping by and there are so many things yet to do! I am really feeling happy and relieved, though, to say that S and I started some big picture wedding planning and we have ALREADY booked our venue! I know I moved fast on that...but seriously it is SO hard to find the perfect place which happens to have your ideal date in mind. These places get snatched up too too quickly! So, since booking our venue, I have so many dreams and visions for our big day! I can't even begin to explain how RELIEVED I am that we are booked, and a lot of the wedding day essentials are included and taken care of.

So...a lot going on! And not to mention, work starts back up REALLY soon! It is always bittersweet, always. End of summer has a way of tearing me up! All in good ways, though, with so much still to look forward to.