Long Beach Island Engagement

I've waited a week to let this all soak in fully...but...

S and I are engaged!

I am beyond excited, so deeply happy, and a little overwhelmed about it all! But it is such joyous news and the best part is that we got to spend our engagement weekend around family, in our favorite place of all time, Long Beach Island. The absolute best part was how contagious our excitement was (is!) and how many friends and family reached out to offer their congratulations. We have been dating for 8.5 years now, so I think this was something that everyone was a little happy to hear about... :)

S proposed in front of Barnegat Light, the iconic lighthouse at the northernmost part of the island. At the base of the lighthouse, there are historical signs and statues that I always get wrapped up in, so low and behold, that's what happened. I was trying to get S to read with me about the lighthouse - how it had been build in 1859, by a future Civil War General - but he was planning something completely different. He got down on one knee, completely ignoring my historical geek moment, and asked, "Taylor, will you marry me?" I was agape! Smiling! Shocked! Of course, yes!!! Although it took me a while to say it, I was so deliriously happy that I didn't realize my whole family had been hiding behind us, snapping photos of it all. S placed a beautiful engagement ring - honestly, the ring of my DREAMS! - on my finger, and we began hugging, kissing, jumping up and down with everyone. The entire night is a blur of happiness and laughs. We enjoyed some lovely champagne on the roof overlooking a fierce orange sunset and the lighthouse; we danced and watched the July 4th fireworks go off as if it were a celebration for us.

Getting engaged is so much fun, and I think that this week has been the best part!!! Letting it sink in, especially in the first few days, was a treat. S and I are both so excited, and that is the best part - to share this craziness and happiness with someone who wants to do life with me.  I have absolutely NO idea where to even start with planning, so I am blissfully (and maybe ignorantly!) enjoying the week on vacation, sinking into relaxation.