Grey & Ghillies

br necklace / primark sweater / br jeans / tote (old) / shoes (similar)

The first semblances of spring are what make me the absolute happiest. All I want to do is buy loads of tulips, eat Reese eggs, do some major spring de-cluttering, and of course wear feminine and light clothes that are perfect for warmer days. The first day it hits 60 degrees is the unofficial kickoff of spring in my head! This past Sunday was the day, and we made some time for a midmorning smoothie stop to get in some greens with our breakfast. There's an awesome smoothie place nearby and I always go for a berry smoothie made with greens and almond milk. 

For our smoothie outing, I decided to break in my new flats (called ghillies) with my favorite new ankle-length jeans. I love the heavy amounts of detail down by the ankles in this outfit - the cuffs from the jeans have an awesome dip-dye look which I love.

I never buy jeans, and I just had to have these for spring.  The shoes are also really detailed, with the laces that go up the leg underneath the cuffs of my jeans. I honestly feel like I am hopping on such an obvious trend bandwagon here, but these were only $19 and I feel like that is a perfect amount to spend on a pair of shoes that a) I probably won't wear often and b) won't be in style forever. To lighten things up, I wore a really comfortable sweater from Primark (new obsession) with a pretty lace detail that ups the femininity of the whole outfit. There's a lot of stuff going on with this outfit, but it pretty much sums up springtime weekending to me.

What you can't see in the outfit is my new fitbit charge hr! S got it for me for Valentine's Day and I honestly LOVE it. I cannot believe how motivated it makes me to keep moving throughout the day. Today alone I had over 14,000 steps! I have been feeling great, which, to me, is the best advantage. It keeps me way more disciplined than I used to be without it, especially when it comes to food logging and making sure I drink enough water. I just feel healthy, light, and consistent with my habits.

ciao! xo