Coffee Diaries (For Two!) | Profile Coffee Roasters

This coffee diaries post is an exceptionally significant one. Let me preface it by saying includes an amazing new cafe, but to make it even better, I was joined by a long time friend from the blogging world who I finally met in 'real' life - it's going to be hard to contain my excitement writing this!!

I started blogging in 2010. If you're a blogger yourself, you may know some of the challenges as well as the empowering moments that blogging brings. I've dealt with the ups and downs of blogging that we all deal with! The times have been good: opportunities to travel, collaborations, and nurturing creative dreams. The times have had their troubling moments: being hacked and starting from scratch, struggling with the privacy issue, and of course, staying authentic and original. Over the years, though, I have found bloggers and cultivated blog friendships that make all of it the best part.

Which brings me to my next point....Kerri (and our mystery photobomber! he made us giggle).

I am not sure exactly when I first started reading her blog, but we soon "hit it off" as bloggers do. Through sweet and encouraging comments, then following each other, and staying in touch with social media. I soon realized that we are both PA girls, and we have such similar interests! Kerri has given me fantastic coffee diaries recommendations, and this place was totally her idea. We had always resolved to meet up for coffee, once things started getting less busy, but it never seemed to happen. Life happens, right?

I've followed her for a while now, and I can say that her posts are consistent with themes of grace, elegance, and inspiration. I love her bright and colorful style, her honesty and authenticity, and of course can totally relate to her affinity for the countryside! We stayed in touch mostly through instagram and blogging, but I turned my blog private this past year and kinda fell off the radar.

So...this past weekend, our plans for coffee actually came to fruition! Meeting Kerri was the BEST! It  is such a weird phenomenon to meet someone for the first time in "real life" but feel like you're in such familiar company. It just felt like catching up with an old friend! When we started snapping photos of our lattes in unison, I knew that it was going to be the most fun coffee date.  She brought me the most precious gifts: a handmade bracelet (Kerri, you need to sell these, seriously!) and the most beautiful rose tea cup. It is perfect for intimate weekend moments when nothing but a cup of tea will do. It's perfect, and I love that Kerri makes a point to enjoy tea the right way (in teacups, not mugs!!)

We ventured out to a new cafe: Profile Coffee Roasters. I read about it by chance in the paper - it is a new cafe inspired by the Seattle coffee scene.  I love the small-town roots, although this cafe rivals any of its counterparts you could find in the city. The interior of the coffeehouse is clean, crisp, and bright; the counter/bar is adorned with warm wood tones and has the essentials of any classic cafe like chalkboard menus, cafe lights, and big windows. I ordered a simple skim latte (Kerri ordered a vanilla latte) and we were both fawning over our cups! The baristas - clearly knowing the way into my heart - poured in latte leaves. Note to self: learn how to do that someday so I can impress all my friends. The coffee was delicious, and it was good to support this new local business. I love shopping small. I'll keep coming back to this cafe because it's just plain, good coffee and has such an alluring coffeehouse atmosphere.

notes from the coffee diary:

- delicious, light, smooth finish

- intimate, bright coffeehouse feel

- balanced, full-bodied and just-right foam

- the latte art, though :)

Every coffee diaries post should be like this. I loved catching up with Kerri and turning a blog friendship into a real one. I've seen so many of my favorite bloggers do it and now I can understand the hype!  She helped me with some blog advice, and if you haven't noticed, there are some changes I've put into place since our meeting (i.e. no more private posts! helloooo, world!). Chatting about the blogosphere was inspiring, encouraging, and much-needed. Truthfully I became a little disenchanted with it all over the last year, which happens to a lot of people - but I like it too much to stop altogether. Talking to someone else who blogs really is helpful, especially when you're from an area that doesn't have a big concentration of bloggers. It was really empowering.

So, in a nutshell, best coffee date ever.

Profile Coffee & Roasters

21 S. Market St., Elysburg