Comparison: I do this a lot.

I'm not sure why, really, because every big and important and meaningful aspect of my life is going just dandy as it can right now. Health, family, and surroundings are all areas of wonderful contentment for me. So I wonder why sometimes I continue to compare my current situation with others.

Living arrangements, outfits, travel opportunities, health, wealth, talent, personality, ability, habits and mannerisms, appearance, credentials, education, and belongings are just a few things that I notice myself comparing with others. Only a few of the things listed above matter [or should]. And I am increasingly aware of my occasional bouts of comparison, which I suppose is a good thing. Being introspective is something I have always excelled at (maybe too much), but I know that as I get older I will hopefully put less stock in this particularly annoying c word.

Living simply is something I just want to do with grace, health, and ease, with just as much happiness as possible. I want to do that with all of my favorite people around me. That is all that should matter. So next time I question myself, how I do things, what I look like, what I am and what I am not, I am just going to try to remember that little mantra: live simply with grace, health, ease, happiness, and the people I love.

ciao, xo