Scenes from my Weekend

hello! happy monday! 

this weekend has been refreshing. it felt like a steady and slow wintry weekend, even though yesterday was the first day of S P R I N G ! I could not be more excited for flowers, warmth, pastel, wearing stripes and skirts and maybe even sandals. 

there were long walks outside...cold but refreshing!

a restorative yoga class...

some spring cleaning and updating...

and lots of calligraphy practice! 

lately i have been feeling an urge to completely update my room. A trip to HomeGoods this weekend really went a long way!  I got some crates for organization, a jasmine hibiscus candle, a really pretty golden trinket box (above - how pretty?!!!), and a new bed set with a shabby-chic, crisp white flair. I was feeling this spring cleanup urge after walking through my town's Anthropologie (love that place) and completely obsessing over their store's layout, including the decor. I could pretty much set up shop in there and be quite content with that! 

nothing else much going on, except the sleepy snow falling outside now. Even though I can't wait for warmth,  a cozy night in front of the fire is kind of amazing right now. 

ciao! xo