+ searching for pieces. oook! so lately I have been desperately in need of a few new, stylish pieces - mainly accessories - to amp up my wardrobe and keep it both seasonally "in style" and also classic and "timeless." In short: I need scarves and dresses and boots and earrings and sweaters and bracelets and long gold necklaces and a new tote bag.

+ loving documentaries. I think I talked about this a few posts ago...but how amazing is Amazon Prime video? I love the video feature that's included in the membership, it is hands-down the most used aspect of the membership I use and love. I've been opened to so many great films and notably documentaries. As a history lover, I am really finding myself drawn to the classic Ken Burns documentaries, especially the Civil War. It touched me so much that it inspired a quick getaway here! I love how they allow you to learn and relax and lounge with a cup of is what makes an ideal weeknight for me.

+ getting back on track with running. I have recently found some pants getting a bit tighter...ahh! So that's gotta change. I do not own a scale and really would like to, so for the time being I use my clothes to gauge my weight and whether or not I am maintaining it. In the last several months I have gotten into the best shape I have ever been in, and I guess I let it go to the wayside a little. I used to run  e v e r y single day in the summer but this year I have been very inconsistent. I am only 2 weeks strong, but I have been consistently exercising and keeping an eye on how often I do cardio/runs. Eating is a part of it too...but tonight I had fajitas so I am not sure I can toot my own horn about how healthy I eat right now...haha.

+ on confidence. This is a good thing...I find that the older I get, the more confidence I have. It's like a fully supplied reserves system. I feel good being me, good in my skin, and I feel very confident - for the most part - about my work life. I love my place right now and I thank my lucky stars for being where I am.  I don't know it all, and I am learning every day, but I feel very stable in my life right now which is kind of nice. The twenties are tumultuous in a young adults life; I finally am feeling centered. I turn 26 in April! Holy moly...

+ on little getaways. Recently this quote caught my eye: disappear one weekend per month. Maybe it's not a quote, but it is a piece of advice I really like. In November my mom and I took an impromptu trip to Gettysburg, and we are planning our next mini-trip to Long Island, NY. I hope it works out, because the next few weekends leading up to Christmas will certainly be busy. Weekend trips like this, even close ones, are like pressing a reset button. A two-day trip feels like a full out vacation. It all depends on the context, the company, and the circumstances...but I love the spontaneity of a quick getaway and think it does wonders for the soul!

+ on beauty routines. I feel like I am looking so tired lately, and I'm not sure if it is because I am not drinking enough water, or wearing mediocre makeup (or a combination of both). My skincare routine has been kind of up and down lately; running out of my favorite La Mer moisturizer, having a really hard time finding a good eyeliner, etc. All I know is that for eyeliner, I just don't like waterproof makeup. It needs to be scrubbed off! All it does it irritate my face, and I am not sure where to get a good, simple, bold but washable eyeliner that defines my eyes and keeps me looking awake. As for water, I could always use more.

What's going on with you??