Aperitivi: The Spritz

 An Aperol spritz is probably the most summery drink you can make; it ranks along side of refreshing mojitos and sangria (in my book). So I thought I'd kick off December, the unofficial start of the Christmas season, with a really summery drink! It makes no sense other than over Thanksgiving break I was really craving this drink, so I whipped up a few. First thoughts: man, is it strong! and also, man, is it easy to make!

I can't wait to make more again for future gatherings now that I know how to do it. It requires 4 basic ingredients, and is the most festive, flashy hue of orange you can imagine.

Let me start with an explanation behind my craving for this obscure beverage. As most things work with me...all roads lead to Italy! A spritz is a popular Italian aperitif, or aperitivo. It primes your appetite prior to a meal and is usually enjoyed with other fantastic italian classics, like cheeses and meats such as prosciutto or salame.

This is shocking...but I have never actually had a full out "aperitivi" in Italy. I've had spritzes alone, but never with other appetizers. Sigh. Spritzes remind me of Florence, in particular a certain bar somewhere near Via Ghibellina. Whenever it was time to have a spritz, we would always proclaim that it was "spritz o'clock"! Any time can be spritz o'clock. It is just that good. It is a dry, almost bitter drink. Not sweet at all. It is, however, refreshing and light, and just as delicious as it looks!

So, anyway, I put this little shoot together to document my pre-Thanksgiving aperitivi. In a few words: it was awesome.


  • club soda
  • Aperol
  • champagne or prosecco (as you can see, I buy only the best)
  • orange, sliced

You can find the recipe instructions here! If you're interested in other takes on the recipe, such as the use of prosecco, you can follow my pinterest board all about food. yum! enjoy la tua bevanda! ciao, xo