Pretending It's Cold

What is more bizarre than a warm Christmas?! It was a complete oxymoron, requiring an air conditioner and everything. Christmas Eve was 76 degrees! We always joke in my family that there is something wrong about a sunny Christmas; it goes against every carol, holiday card and Charles Dickens-esque picture. At least it was cloudy, and not sunny!

Despite that, our holiday has been wonderful. It's been filled with Star Wars everything, lots of PIE, homemade pasta (all the carbs!) and lots of wrapping paper. I received this lovely hat and scarf and immediately paired them together in my mind's eye for an outfit like this (above). I mean, ideally I would be wearing a nice black coat and boots, but a light dress is perfect for 60 degrees or so in December. My little bro is such a good sport for taking these pics!

How is everyone's Christmas weekend?

ciao! xo