Winter Picks

As I posted on my instagram, I have this bad habit of buying things for myself when I go Christmas gift shopping. Woooops. Sometimes it's the sales I can't pass up, but most times it's little trinkets like these that keep me excited for cooler weather and wintry outfits. But I do have to say, I did pretty well on my shopping this year. I have almost everyone on my list done, and all I need to do is wrap whatever else arrives in the mail. I didn't do a lot of physical brick&mortar shopping, but the little that I did was pleasant. Of course watching the money fly out of your bank account is no fun, but the satisfaction of having a little pile of presents all wrapped up and ready for gifting is quite fun and might make up for it.

So, in the frenzy of shopping, here are some of my winter picks:

- ear cuffs.

- long gold chains (these are from urban outfitters)

- plaid scarfs

- booties (i got them in black, too!)

- aaaaand: eyewear!

I have been in desperate need of new glasses, and I am so excited about my (not one! but two) pairs. Both are a bit hipster in look but I am really digging the round frames :)

ciao! xo