organizing my desk with knock knock!

Once a year, I treat myself to a Knock Knock Pad - Two years ago, it was a Pro-Con list. Last year, it was a to-do list. This year, it's the Five Days a Week Keyboard Pad. Knock Knock sent me this awesome long pad that serves as a to-do list and weekly planner. This is a space saver, and rests at the base of your keyboard.

I tested it out at work and love how its 15" size aligns with my laptop. It is a colorful accent to my work space! The 5-day + weekend format makes the week seem do-able and visually spaced out.  I am sure that these pages will be increasingly full over the next few days, but I love the little countdowns at the bottom corners. "Can You Taste It?" is my favorite!! Checking those off will be so satisfying throughout the year...

The weekend pad consists of separate weekend sticky notes that are especially fun. It makes looking forward to the weekend even more fun for a stationery lover like myself!

It is definitely more useful in a work or office setting, because it actually gets use. My desk at home is more for personal stuff - blogging, pinterest-ing, and general reading. I really do enjoy using it at work, and have received compliments on it from like-minded people who love a good writing surface. I discovered that Knock Knock also makes a mousepad with a similar format, which will probably be my next purchase when this keyboard pad runs out.

Til then, it's a pretty nice rest for the wrists when typing. If you're in love with Knock Knock as much as me, then sign up for their e-newsletter!!

New signups get 20% off your purchase of $50!  

Thanks Knock Knock! Can't wait to see what you come out with next!

ciao, xo