art can change the world

I saw Denik for the first time when I was browsing a favorite boutique along the Pier in

Hermosa Beach

. I was grabbed by their aim: help build schools, support an artist. I love what Denik is all about. Education and art are so important to me; they are values that run deep in my family. I love my

Ornate Elephant

design by talented artist Ben Kwok. It is a famous Denik softcover - it is flexible, gentle, and thin, yet it holds all paper together. I've bought other journals in the past (won't name names!) that try to sell this characteristic quality in notebooks, but the pages simply fall out. I think this idea from Denik is a win-win - you're helping underprivileged schools


getting organized, while promoting a brilliant artist's work. 

My Denik notebook is currently in rotation between grad classes and being my go-to grocery list. I keep it in my work bag because visits to the grocery store usually come right after work, as does school. 

Some other Denik favorites! I had such a hard time narrowing down my choice among these other contenders:

high country tsunami


ice cream swirl



 / all styles $11.95