scenes from my weekend

This weekend kicked my ass. If these photos make it seem like I had a tranquil and uneventful weekend, that'd be about half right; I spent most about 50% of my weekend furiously typing up journals for grad school work to meet a deadline - so yes, besides work, it was pretty uneventful! Unless you count buying a new pair of Nikes on a whim 'eventful...'

So in an attempt to convey serenity and calmness, I am posting some photos from the deck {and other moments}. All of the lovely flowers are thriving in June! I love being able to sit outside for hours, especially the cooler nights. It's funny - I'm sitting outside now and everyone is catching up on work of their own around the table. Being surrounded by green outside is  a type of rejuvenation, I think. It makes doing work a little bit better.

If I close my eyes outside here, all I hear are various pitches of frenetic bird chirping. Their little vocal chords make the happiest noises. There are three different robins' nests scattered in trees around the deck. In the nearest one, the eggs have just hatched! And the babies are chirping so loud, waiting for some worms from their mama. It's just a sweet little reminder of how good life is.

ciao! xo