The month of April has been ahhhhmazing.

I turned 25

, I got to

visit S again

on the West Coast, had my first lavender honey ice cream of the year, visited new places (hello,


- twice!) and spent lots of time

being a foodie. 

 For the most part, I've been able to get out and really feel awake, rejuvenated...through running at the park or just simply running errands. I love getting back outside. The entire winter, I felt like most weekends were spent by the fire (and I loved it!) but it is veryyyy good to be in the sun and warmth outside.

A big theme for spring so far: simplicity. Eating lighter, living without excess, getting sun, sleeping well, and making choices that I feel better about (ex. cooking at home rather than eating out). I am in the midst of planning more travels for the summer, so I am thinking this simplicity kick has got to stay in order to make the plans happen. We're thinking a road trip up the West Coast!

Another idea that I've had over the past few weeks: I love being in my mid-twenties. The earlier years  were kinda chaotic - job searching, exiting college, figuring out all that stuff. I feel sooo much more mellowed out and I like it! I think it gets better every year...

ciao! xo


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