coffee diaries | peregrine

A few weeks ago I found myself in DC and one of the first things I wanted to do was to continue my coffee diaries quest. With a little help from Yelp, I found Peregrine, which is Quite a fitting name for this adorable Capitol Hill cafe! If you'd like to skip my synopsis, just know that this place is definitely a repeat winner.

As noted on its store front, The word 'peregrine' is synonymous with 'foreigner,' or one from abroad. Sort of like a pilgrim. Which was actually pretty cool because it is very rare that I find myself in DC. So, myself being a Peregrine of sorts, I happened into this green, bright, minimalist cafe on a gorgeous April day. 

First, the neighborhood. It is nestled in the heart of the elegant, charming and polished Capitol Hill section of the city. The quiet streets are lined with lithe, narrow apartments - - the kind with turquoise doors and fancy balconies and spindly windows. The brick sidewalks add a sense of uneven charm to the corner intersections where bike racks, unabashed pigeons and not-quite-ready cherry blossoms all come together.  The neighborhood is important because when you take your lattè - or in my case, cappuccino - outside, you're right in the middle of it all. 

Second, the coffee. The menu is limited - but those are the best cafes! I am not one to go deep into the technicalities that one could explain on a chalkboard menu above the register. Peregrine's espresso menu read: LATTÈ. CAPPUCCINO. MACCHIATO. AMERICANO. Now, the espresso - and any drink for that matter - seemed to be very tailored. For each individual order, new beans are ground. The wait wasn't short, but it was worth every moment of anticipation (and that aroma!). My little cappuccino - evidently poured and created with love - was delightful. People, skip the Starbucks around the corner and go here. This is what the coffee diaries is all about.

Notes from the coffee diary

Cappuccino, one size 

smooth, light, creamy

A minimal smoky undertone

Savory, not bitter or sweet

Absolutely amazing latte art (I was a little envious of my friends' lattes) 

Friendly staff (no coffee snobs in sight)

I can't wait to come back to Peregrine :)

Peregrine Espresso

1718 14th Street

Washington DC