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I did not find Plenty. Plenty found me.

I do not think I am a major blogger force (in fact I think I lose followers more than I gain) but somehow, I think through the grapevine, and a convoluted network of hashtags, Plenty Cafe found my instagram account and followed me. I gushed. I felt irrationally kiiiiinda famous (maybe the #coffeediaries hashtag is catching on). So of course I followed Plenty back. I mean, as soon as it registered that Plenty was a cafe in Rittenhouse I knew I needed to go there.

The day I went to Plenty may have been my lucky day. I got a great parking spot, actually parallel parked (!!!) and got a great seat by the window. I knew Plenty's interior was going to be beautiful - I mean, look at it - because of their awesome insta and website.

 As I entered, though, my gaze naturally lifted upward at the cool asymmetrical hanging lights, onto the ornate gilded ceiling that reminded me of Siena a little bit. The space is so, so cool. It isn't weirdly minimal, not too industrial or warehouse-y, but rather a naturally open and cozy with an earthy-yet-crafty, space-saving approach.  There's a loft that rests atop the the kitchen, and looks over the bar and chalkboard menus on the wall.

I ordered a latte and asked for the leaf. Now, this can be a big signal as to the kind of cafe it is. It's a request that can get a variety of responses. Sometimes I get looks of annoyance. Sometimes it pressures the barista. Some say "of course," with a hint of attitude: as if it's like a psh, what else did you expect? 

So, I asked: can you guys do the leaf? 

"Sure. Mike'll hook you up. And you can instagram it!"

It was pure symbiosis. I love this place. I love this barista.

And guys, look at that leaf. Poured so well. Beautiful. So after I snapped all of these pictures and felt a little bit vain, I drank this elegant creation and it truly was perfect. I know I say this a lot about coffee. But it was flavorful, rich, yet light and creamy. Not too overpowering or heavy. The kind of latte that makes you put it down and say, "this is good" as you lick the foam off your lips. The kind of latte that feels European. Bravo, Plenty. You've done it. You've knocked Elixr off the top of my #1 center city cafe. You have won my heart. It had a lot to do with the staff - my whole experience was delightful.

Notes from the Coffee Diary

- light, creamy (not too heavy!)

- flavorful, smoky taste?

- inviting interiors, earthy and green, neighborhood

- baristas!!!

Plenty Cafe

1602 Spruce St.

Philadelphia, PA