cozy weekend in

^ like my holey sweater? :)

current obsessions:

  • chips and salsa.
  • my new heated mattress pad!
  • keeping my room straightened up and organized.
  • vanilla bean ice cream {and pretzels.}
  • my swell bottle
  • george harrison music every weekend morning! 
  • lavender candles
  • roaring fireplace fires
  • pollo piccata 
  • season 5 downton sundays :)
  • interior decorating dreams
  • basil pesto.
  • praying for a huge snow dump. eee! 
  • amazon prime
  • my {new} smart tv!!

This weekend was the coziest! From Saturday's post, you can tell it was a pretty snowy and indoorsy day. It called for heather grey sweats, decadent hot chocolate, and listening to george harrison tunes - which I am so into these days thanks to a CD my sister gave me. I was actually quite productive for this otherwise lazy-sounding day; I shot a new post for valentines' day (coming soon!), organized my room and prepped for the upcoming paint job, and even found time to break out the watercolors for a little painting sesh. 

How was your weekend?

ciao, xo