simple joys

Simple joys are...

A vibrant burst of hydrangeas on your night table during the coldest winter months.

Blankets by the fire with your sweetheart.

Late night air-popped corn during a Harry Potter weekend.

The warmth of a climbing under the covers at night.

Fancy candles for the not-so fancy occasions.

George Harrison music marathons during lazy mornings.

The satisfaction of a newly-organized and cleaned living space.

Feeling alive, breathing blasts of winter cold air after a quick jog.

Fresh laundered pajamas.

These are just a few simple joys off the top of my head from the Christmas break. It was 12 days long - a record! - as Christmas was on a Thursday. It allowed for the longest possible break..and it was heavenly. I relaxed so much that I truly have forgotten a lot of the worries that I'll be unfortunately tackling again today. All I can say is that this little vacation has been such a treat. S was back home from California and his presence has been an integral part to this happy, eased feeling. We got so much done but also had so much time to relax, meander around, and just be us. I miss it already! But I've never been happier or more content with life. I am just so so happy and blessed.

As for the rest of my little joys...the past few weeks have actually been quite productive. I was accepted into my top grad school of choice, so I will be starting classes VERY soon indeed and getting back into the swing of all things academic! I am a little nervous, too. In my peak, I remember writing 10+ page papers was a breeze - but now I am a little intimidated, as I work a full 8+ hour workday with work that sometimes has to come home with me. I know I could have a lot more on my plate so this is the best time to 'get it overwith,' as it were. I suppose the little bit of nerves is normal!

Another big feat (for me) was totally gutting my room and cleaning it up. I was able to clean out old and useless clothes and put them in bags for donations. I went to the Container Store - my new favorite - and bought

a lot

of, well, containers. I organized SO much of my stuff. Paint stuff, scrapbooking stuff, makeup stuff, stationery, yoga stuff, handbags, even high school yearbooks. Poof! Organized.  After cleaning it up I decided that over the next couple of days I want to do some major feng-shui changes. Maybe even new paint! I am thinking bright and crisp. Thoughts on white?

Lastly, with the extra time off I made some small strides forward with running again - I overcame the fear of the crippling cold (by crippling I am talking about 40-50 degree weather, don't laugh at me) and just got out for short 1 mile runs. Pairing that with a lot of yoga made me feel waaaay less guilty about holiday eating. The satisfying feeling of having a run done, yoga class under your belt, and making smart decisions about eating - it just leaves me light and airy and literally happier. It sure does beat food guilt!

I am feeling overall cozy, comfortable with everything...but ready to begin the challenges of work and grad school. I'm looking forward to getting trained as a better writer - I have lately felt like my writing is so loose and unrefined. I am debating on also joining a gym - we will see how I can balance the time - to improve on my strength and have something besides running to balance yoga. All is well, all is good. Feeling happy and grateful.

ciao, xo

happy monday! (eek!)