current (and forever) beauty favorites

I am really excited about this selection of beauty faves because it's not just current - I feel like I've struck gold and these will be longtime go-to choices. That being said, it is quite an opulent selection - rich Chanel lipsticks, La Mer, skinny gel eyeliners. Combined, these would make up the ultimate gilded look, something really glitzy and festive for a special occasion - not everyday. I think a little touch of red for a random workday doesn't hurt, but layering all of this on does make for a particularly glamorous look. Alright... I am done talking about toning this makeup down! I am so excited, like I said, because I am totally 100% in love  with each and every product; I feel really confident on how to wear them.


I have spent the better part of the last year finding out which moisturizers work for me and what doesn't - I've never thought about it before but it may have been the cause of some minor issues like oily skin and breakouts. So I ditched anything I doubted altogether (which was hard to do). I tried a few samples of Creme de la Mer and of course, it's absolutely divine. It leaves skin light and succulent and nourished. However the price tag is definitely an inhibitor, so I rarely (and I mean rarely) use this before dabbing on my favorite Visible Lift Blur (or as I just call it, "blur") foundation by L'Oreal. To apply, I use one of those awesome foamy tools that cost $5 or so at any beauty store. Then comes the bronzer. I picked out this Bare Essentials bronzer - a perennial favorite - during a complimentary Sephora  makeover, which I highly recommend if you're doing a total beauty overhaul.  I really think the unsung hero with my bronzer is the brush, actually. I bought this super-soft brush (not sure if it is a true kabuki brush) solely for my bronzer, and I love it.


The investment pieces are obviously a little pricier; Chanel lipstick is not something I plan to start collecting but man is it fun to have a little stash going! I have two shades, but my more recent acquirement is La Fascinate - a super 'old hollywood' bold red. This is something I'll definitely be reserving for nights out and 'fancier' occasions. My everyday pick is Bonheur, which unfortunately doesn't "last" as long on, but has a beautiful plum tone to it along with a light shimmer to awaken the color.


For everyday, I use the Revlon and Almay skinny liners (I used to be horrible at applying, but practice makes perfect). Both are great for layering atop the other, since one is jet-black and the other is a pretty gem-tone purple. I don't normally use either on the lower-lids, but the Almay is actually perfect for smudging and creating a jewell-y dimension. I find that I


this amethyst color (and also a jade green) for my eyes. Do some messing around and you can find a rich gem tone that complements you eyes, too. :) I also just received a waterproof Chanel eye pencil in ebene (black) which is really fun for drawing dramatic, bold lines that won't budge. Last but not least - and probably my desert island product - is mascara. For me, I've always gravitated to L'Oreal, anything high-volume.

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This post has made me feel like a beauty editor. New dream job? 

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