2015 wanderlust

I am sitting here sipping a coffee and making myself swear to go to one of these places this year. I believe theDalai Lama is known for these instructions: Once a year, go someplace you've never been before. I, so far, have lived by that quote for a few years now! Starting in 2008 (on and off) I have been to plenty a new place, and I am blessed. First -


 Then back to Italy in 2011. Then, in 2013, a slew of new countries including

France, Monaco and

Croatia (and - you guessed it - Italy!). Last year I got to know more of the USA when S moved to


. And for 2015?! Who knows! But these places are looking very attractive indeed, for several reasons. Who's with me?

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cannon beach


bondi beach






south africa

I am blessed that I have free time in the summer to travel! So I am really thinking hard. Unfortunately the summer is the busiest, and most expensive time to travel anywhere, it seems. But if I start saving small, and do it right and with discipline, it is doable! And planning is required of course. Some of the places above are similar (hello, beaches!) but I also have such an interest in England lately. Then South Africa (random, right?). Some are much more realistic than others. I just want to see it all while I can and while I'm young!

Where are you planning on going this year?

ciao, xo