make me hot chocolate

"Make me hot chocolate!" is something I've been pleading for lately to my sister who makes THE most decadent, rich hot chocolate you've ever seen. I swear it is the best on the planet - way better than a cup at Starbucks. The recipe - which you probably think I would post - unfortunately, has to be kept a secret. BUT - you can see the trimmings on top definitely make it creamy and delicious! For best results, drink with family and/or friends and sip from your favorite mug (preferably matching ones like ours). Top with whipped cream, some mini marshmallows (or jumbo, whatever your preference), and some sundae syrup and you've got the finishing touches on one darn indulgent cuppa.

Hot chocolate is meant to be enjoyed on snowy winter days. And quite conveniently, yesterday we had a snow day! I did a lot - little preparations for grad school, caught up on blogs, work for work, a little painting/editing, and I even started reading 

The Good Earth 

by Pearl S. Buck (I'm already done 1/3 of the book!). It felt like a Sunday night, but suddenly we are halfway through the week. Can't believe that it is already Wednesday.

cheers to you!

ciao, xo