coffee diaries | gryphon (take two!)

And this time, I brought the appropriate camera! iPhone photos just don't do it justice from this original post .

It has been a while since I last wrote about Gryphon, a cute little blog in the heart of Wayne, PA. Over a year ago, I began by saying that simply, Gryphon is a treasure. It's true! It's such a cute little cafe and I am finding, the more I go there, new quirks about it. It is actually very academic - it must be - for people are always there studying, working, or staring into the glow of a macbook. I was glad that we found a seat - it was humming with customers - upstairs with cool mismatched velvet couches and sunlight streaming in the large windows. This time around I chose a cortado - I have to say this one was better - but I loved the presentation of it all in the classic glass. Recently, I learned what a cortado actually is. It is served in this small size, typically in a vessel like this. It is mostly espresso served with a 'cut' of warm milk. It is very strong! I'm guessing that this was mostly espresso and the milk is added last. Also pictured is a sweet and delicious chai tea latte enjoyed by my lovely C! :) This place is such a pleasant little stop, even if you're not planning to linger around. I'll part with one tip: go during the sunlight hours to enjoy the cool back wall window-mural.

I have a few cafes lined up for my next coffee diaries. Cannot wait to add them to the books!

notes from the coffee diary

- bold, very strong taste

- smoky tones

ciao! xo