January is halfway through and the winter blues have only affected me minimally (yay - see how I

'beat' them here

). I suppose it is only natural to feel a little blue during the cold months - because if not, then do we


drink in all of the vibrance of summer? It's hard to appreciate it without the winter. Days here lately have been: promising to keep fresh cut flowers in my room, breaking out my new suede boots, splurging on out-of-season berries, and keeping my handy dandy swell bottle with me both at home and at work. I love that thing! Not pictured but also happening: George Harrison tunes on repeat, warm vanilla sugar body lotion (!!!), and hot cups of spinach soup to stay warm. And the occasional heaping bowl of pasta, because I can't keep away for too long {ever.}

So excited for this three day weekend - staying up a little later on Sunday night is gonna be glorious!! What are you up to this weekend?

ciao, xo