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Even though I prefer warmth over cold, there is something so festive about a big plaid scarf, a sweater and boots all under a nice warm coat. I can't imagine not doing this during winter (like S who is in sunny California...hello!). It must be so odd to have it be January, and warm, at the same time. Anyone in the southern hemisphere - you amaze me with your flipped seasons (and I'm so jealous that you're in summer and I'm not!). It'll be a while before we shed the coats and boots here.

I have been looking for an excuse to wear this awesome hat - it was on my list here - so over the weekend I pulled this look together for our afternoon out and about. It might not look that comfortable but the grey cowl is THE most snuggly, cozy (yet super light) fleece I've ever had! It is actually exercise wear, something that you could wear to yoga or even sleep in - but I decided to go the other way with it and really dress it up. I think it is probably one of my most-used items (I just love the hi-low detail about it). With the jacket, I don't know how the color scheme just happened, but it did...and I really like how the thick plaid scarf with all of the blues played out the neutral grey tones and my green coat. And that hat!? It's my favorite. I am such a hat person!

As for the song (which is a bit unrelated) it has been playing on repeat here lately! Along with all of George Harrison's other songs, that is. This one below is my current favorite and inspiration. My sister and mom have been longtime fans and for some reason it took me my whole life to catch on! Have a great week everyone! ciao, xo :)