happy downton day!

My lady crush - Lady Mary Crawley! I meant to publish this happy little piece weeks ago when season 5 of Downton premiered. I suppose creating a whole watercolor on Lady Mary/Downton is a bit obsessive...but I loooooove it!!! So far the four episodes in season 5 have been stellar - they are such a treat for Sundays and make the end of the weekend so much better. I love the clever writing, the careful details, all of it. Sunday nights have actually seemed to turn into a holiday around here..

Okay, first and foremost - I want to be Lady Mary. Scandalous, rebellious characteristics aside, she always holds herself with such an air of grace and decorum. And her dresses!? Absolutely lovely. This particular one is from the Christmas episode when Mary and Matthew got engaged in the snow. That scene breaks my heart every time!! I loved them together...

Do you like Downton!? Better question is, do you like Lady Mary? Who's your favorite?

ciao, xo!