scenes from my weekend.

This time of the year is always so odd. 

this "easing into autumn" can be mildly confusing.

bare feet or booties?

jeans or sundresses?

amber wheat fields or fields of wildflowers?

is it fall, or is it summer? 

one day it is humid, the next it is crisp and lovely.

I am so thankful and love that we get to really see all four seasons here,

but this transition period between the two is so....awkward!

and as you can see i am stuck in between a little of both.

first it started with an iced pumpkin spice latte

(iced = it's still summer)

then i got a hot pink pedicure 

(still summer)


I had the urge to wear jeans with my nude pumps.


(this is very fall)

plus, the leaves are falling a little

the fields out back are getting brown.

and i've already had two pumpkin beers out with friends.


the bougainvillea out back is also flourishing. 

and summer fruit smoothies are still my breakfast of preference.

does anyone else know what i mean here!?

how are you dealing with this limbo?!

ciao, xo