• feeling:  so content with all things work. yes, it is challenging, but this 'let's take one day at a time' thing is working out so well for me.
  • wondering: how did I not live without an iPhone!?
  • trying new: running routes.
  • inspired by: Friends anticipation. Is that a thing? yes. I haven't seen a few of my good friends in what feels like forever - even though we have been keeping in touch I am SO excited to see them. Just a few busy weekends/weeks in a row - it's been insane. I think our schedules are finally winding down as the summer ends, though. There are so many things I am dying to "cross off my list" while it is still warm, but there are so many other fun things I'd like to do as it gets a little cooler out. hello nyc day trip, byobs in the city, and fun nights out!
  • current obsession:this town.
  • dreading: late nights during my first season coaching.
  • sick of: waking up early (already! haa)
  • wishing i could wear a lot of: heels. but they kiiiill.
  • wearing a lot of: sports bras. not at work, that is.
  • thankful for: the vase of gerber daisies my sister brought home.
  • looking forward to: S coming home to visit; always my next yoga class; beach weekend
  • for lunch, eating: lots of greek yogurt, fruit, and one little teensy snack.
  • proud of myself for: sticking with running and taking it one day at a time.
  • challenged by: running and the humidity.
  • watching: re-runs of downton abbey, except the episodes where matthew and sybill die. SKIP
  • perplexed by: how my room is continually so messy; why lululemon pants are so expensive; how pumpkin spice lattes have that many calories.

what's currently going on with you!? 

ciao, xo