so much blue! | palos verdes

point vincente light - first ever west coast lighthouse!

It's crazy to me to believe that one week ago


, I was with S taking a scenic drive up the rocky coast of Palos Verdes to catch these never-ending glimpses of blue. Since then I have been back at home, slowly working on getting some grad school applications in! I am feeling pretty accomplished but have worked at SUCH a glacial pace that I haven't been doing much besides that. Next week school starts again...and it's going to kick my butt!

These photos - and all that blue! - are therapeutic for my eyes, I think. I love seeing a new place with fresh eyes, and this brought on that sort of experience for me. S and I had both never traveled to Palos  Verdes (at least with the sole intention to sightsee) so these dramatic, orange cliffs stole my breath away. The contrast again the sea made me gasp. Another thing that made me gasp: the signs along the way that read "Caution: Constant Land Movement" (!!!)

Yes, we made it snappy. And no, we didn't experience an earthquake. But it was enough to put a little spring in our step!

One thing I loved, and didn't anticipate, was the Point Vincente lighthouse. I have a thing for lighthouses but for some reason, only associated them with the east coast (i.e.

the Outer Banks

) and the treacherous Atlantic. The view of Point Vincente was stunning - we could even see the far-off and fog-engulfed Catalina Island, which is almost always out of sight from Hermosa. We also caught views of downtown LA, which is apparently unheard of because of the thick fog that usually surrounds the area. So it was pretty much spontaneous and perfect!

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