easy at-home froyo dots

I can't say that this is my own...it is an old, old Pinterest find! But it is OH so much fun to make, and even more fun to eat: frozen yogurt dots!

It is the perfect light summery snack - even a delightful dessert - that makes you feel 100% like a kid again. I used three common Yoplait flavors (strawberry banana, blueberry, and cherry) for the various colors. And I have to say, they kind of turned out beautiful! This is so fun to do with your children, on a date, and on a budget! Think about it: most of these things are probably in your kitchen already.  And the idea can be modified as a cute seasonal treat...like hearts for Valentine's Day or (if you're careful) letters/numbers for a personalized touch.

you will need:

- 3 little containers of yogurt (I used

Yoplait Original

, but you have endless possibilities here - fruit on the bottom, Greek yogurt, whatever!)

- a cookie sheet

- freezer (20 mins)

- ziploc bag

- spoon

- scissors


Place cookie sheet into freezer for about 10-15 minutes before you prepare your fro-yo dots. In the meantime, open yogurt and spoon contents into a ziploc bag. Once you have your cookie sheet ready, cut a small hole in one of the bottom corners of the ziploc bag to create a makeshift icing dispenser. Squeeze little quarter-sized "dots," or circles onto your cookie sheet. Space them out about 1/2 inch or whatever seems to look right! Put cookie sheet back in the freezer, and make sure it is laying flat (you don't want that yogurt to run off!). I'd check back in about 20-30 minutes - depending on the size of your froyo dots, they may freeze quicker! They should peel off quite easily, just use your fingers or a spoon.

Put in bowl, and pop em in. So, so fun and so, so delicious. Guilt free, too :)

happy froyo-ing. ciao, xo