Santa Monica

heeeelllo from California!

The weekend has been ah.mazing!

Yesterday S and I spent the ultimate lazy Sunday wandering around Santa Monica,

catching the most refreshing sea breeze along the beach walk.

Since I am a first timer in California, this is all fresh to my eyes and I am re-experiencing

that all too fantastic thrill of seeing a new place for the first time.

I am seriously coveting Santa Monica's main street,




Urth Caffe

, which I immediately fell in love with and wish I had more time there.

I had my first ever green tea latte - so good! (I've been eyeing up great cafes for a new good coffee diaries installment) ;)

Other favorites from Santa Monica:

finding the cutest community garden away from the crowds and the pier.

{there was a guy holding a python close to the amusement parks and I was OUTTTTA THERE}

We walked through the Santa Monica Community Garden after a refreshing bite to eat

and I loved the concept: buy your own lot, tend to your plants, and create an oasis for others to enjoy.

I was so giddy to see those luscious grapes! I felt like I was

in Tuscany

for a bit again.

Another great find:

Stella Barra


What got me was the herbs out front...and the fact that it was italian... :)

We were hot, in search for good and quick food, and this was the perfect find.

I am pretty sure S was in the middle of saying, "I just want some pizza..."

and we found this lovely gem on the corner! Boom!

Kale, pecorino, radish and spinach salad + a margherita for two. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

more tomorrow! ciao, xo