today's the day! catching a plane to california! WOOO!

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Late July-early August...I've been so thankful that you've gone by

sooooo slow.

Summer has really set in. The kind of deep, relaxed state where it takes you a moment to realize what day it is.

I have been working out every single day. 

I feel great, and now look forward to in {in a weird way}. 

That has really set the tone of this relaxation and contentment I am feeling!

I always hope to transition this easy feeling into the school year.

Of course, it tends to dissolve away and the worries of work set in,

but I decided...I am not even going to trouble myself with worries yet.

Life lately has been smoothie stops, so much family quality time,

my new bag (hi Calvin!), sweet puppy licks, 

hydrangea envy (I want it to coat my house someday),

sudden rainstorms that leave the grass and trees so verdant,

time for quick sketches and of course, a latte here and there.

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ciao, xo