Last Glimpse of Hermosa


Helloooo! Happy Monday!

I am back, nestled and safe at home on the east coast.

What a week of newness and beautiful views I got to experience. I am so blessed.

Even more so because I got to spend it with S.

(he certainly picked a not-so-bad new place to call home).

For my last night in Hermosa 

we watched the sun go down over the Pacific.

There is something about watching that happen - watching the sun slide out of sight - 

that makes you feel very small and insignificant and lucky to be alive.

So it was, of course, a lovely way to say goodbye to the Pacific for a while. And S for that part.

I'll head back out sometime soon, but I am staying put for now.

I forgot how much I LOOOOVE red eye flights (holy god)

and the nap that inevitably follows and chews up 75% of your day.

Anyway, the photos above pretty much highlight the best last glimpse of my time in SoCal!

A breakfast date (we both got the belgian waffles - they were too good),

walks along the Strand to the pier for dinner,

discovering my newfound fondness for photographing sea birds (huh),

and capturing the most intense rays of sun flickering on the water.

I get why CA is the Golden State :)

- - - 

thank you for sticking with me and my California photo dump!

If you've loved it then you're in luck, because we have one more post lined up...

but that's it! after that, done, I promise.

so...California, catch you on the flip side. 

or as i like to say, ciao! xo